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Fast, simple, accurate. The smart way to make a great vehicle choice.

There's the sticker, and then there's reality.

By combining your insurance, fuel, maintenance, ownership costs, and personalizing these expenses based on your unique driving lifestyle, Price My Ride lets you know your all-in cost - before you buy.

" already a hit amongst Canadians."

"Before you pimp your ride, you might want to see how much owning it will cost you in the first place."

"We feel that PMR showcases a solid product market fit, and we aren't the only ones."

"PMR manages to deliver the same personalization that, in theory, the car dealerships would be able to."

"A new Toronto-based service has got your back."

"Price my ride is easy to use and might be worth trying if you want to see how much a vehicle is REALLY going to cost you."

Pat Foran,

"Pricemyride can cover pretty much all the potential choices a consumer might make."

"It combines great functionality and immediately conveys value to the user."

"It can be complicated to determine exactly how much a vehicle will cost each month. wants to make that calculation easy."

"Price tags can look mighty tempting sometimes, but now you'll never be fooled. Price My Ride lets you know your all-in costs before you buy."

"The best part of all? It's free."

"A free web-based service that promises to save Canadian consumers time and hassle by doing the math and research of car-buying for them."

"It's irrepressibly attractive in terms of design and user experience."

"Until now, it has been impossible to find an all-Canadian independent and free site that can combine purchase, insurance, and fuel costs for an all-inclusive comparison."
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